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The Bóbr River South West Poland

The River Bóbr is the local Mecca for water sports, especially kayaking and even canyoning! Explore this amazing river in Lower Silesia, South West Poland.

Bobr RiverBóbr is the same word than Bober in some Anglo-Saxon dialects, Biber in German and Beaver in English. It is easy to figure out the etymology of this river’s name. The Bóbr is the local Mecca of water sports, especially kayaking, and even canyoning in a couple of spots. The Bóbr flows into three emblematic regions of the range of the Sudetes - Karkonosze (Giant Mountains), or more exactly the Lasocki ridge (Lasocki Grzbiet), east from Śnieżka - Rudawy Janowickie, in particular the beautiful loop it describes around the Sokoliki hills - Góry Kaczawskie (Kaczawa Hills), volcanic piedmont of the range, where the river slowly leaves its mountainous character and reaches a quieter stage.

Rudawy Janowickie section - from Kamienna Góra, the still young but yet significant Bóbr enters a stage of countless meanders in which it still flows rapidly like any true mountain river. It crosses the villages of Marciszów, Ciechanowice, and then the town of Janowice Wielkie, “capital” of Rudawy Janowickie. Later, near Trzcińsko where the large curve it describes around the Sokoliki hills is one of its most photogenic places, including as seen as the top of the Sokoliki rock. On its bank are now located many manors and castles worth mention, like the photogenic Wojanów. Note that the portion of road between Trzcińsko and Wojanów is a very scenicplace to drive or mountain bike.

Pilchowice section - Modre Lakeand the Bobrowice dam are the first of them. This spectacular place (very steep and deep) is overlooked by the only mountain hut of the region located in such place: Schronisko PTTK - Perła Zachodu. It ends in the village of Siedlęcin. Below this point, an even larger reservoir is located, the largest on all the mountainous bed of the Bóbr : Jezioro Pilchowickie. Due to the sharp configuration of the terrain there is no trail following directly the shore, but many go a bit aside. The promontory on the left bank of its lower side is the most common hiking goal, as well as the walk over the dam that leads to the right shore, on which a friendly inn is located. Góry Kaczawskie section - this relatively quiet part of the Bóbr starts from the village of Pilchowice, and goes through Nielestno, Wleń and goes approximately until Lwówek Śląski, the next large town which can be considered as the end of the mountainous zone.

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