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Find out what festivals and cultural shows are happening in Lower Silesia

Events in WroclawIn Lower Silesia (South West Poland) there are events all year round. From International music, film and theatre festival to vintage car shows and specialist arts and cultural events highlighting local arts and crafts. These festivals have something for the whole family - most have open restaurants and regional food cafes along with outside bars and market stalls. Many also have fairground attractions and street performers.

Wrocław Calendar of Festivals and Events 

There are numerous events happening in Wrocław – the capital of Lower Silesia, all throughout the year. Some of the top picks for travelers include:

  • “PPA” Festival of Actor’s Song - March - It is an important annual, cultural event which features various musical and theater performances. Many famous artists appear on stage of  Capitol Music Theater. The winners start their long career here. Please pay attention to any Capitol Theater performances. Do not miss it - http://www.ppa.art.pl/www.teatr-capitol.pl/
  • “Jazz nad Odra” – April - is a multi-day jazz event which is one of the favorite annual festivals having a great impact on jazz development.
  • “Thanks Jimi” – May 1st (with several exceptions) – Jimmi Hendrix's "Hey Joe" played collectively by volunteers from Poland and abroad to beat the Guinness Guitar World Record. The festival takes place on the Main Square. Join if you have a guitar or just come and see, and enjoy the atmosphere.
  • “Musica Electronica Nova” – May - “Festival, like an atom structure… interpretation / integration / interaction… sound, light, picture, move, dimension, and time… multi-layered structures… XX and XXI century electronic music point of view ” -  http://www.musicaelectronicanova.pl/en/
  • "BRAVE Festival" - June - Different cultures and different forms of art. Each year the main theme of the Festival is different. "Each edition of the festival focuses on a different aspect of either humanity, art or region of the world". - http://bravefestival.pl/
  • “Non Sola Scripta  - Wroclaw Organ Summer" Church Organ Festival - June / July/ August – Performances of the best Polish and foreign organists. Concerts in churches - http://impart.art.pl/en/non-sola-scripta
  • “BuskerBus” International Street Art Festival - June / July – Festival that promotes free and independent artists -http://www.buskerbus.com/en
  • “Wrocław NonStop” Cultural Marathone – Summer - It is a ten-day-long international summer festival which offers insight look into a range of different local cultural experiences.
  • “Nowe Horyzonty “  New Horizons International Film Festival- July or August - Movies shown all around the city - in multiplexes, small cinemas and also open-air screenings on the city Main Square. 
  • “Wratislavia Cantans” International Oratory and Cantata Music Festival – September - is the most well-known of all events in the area. It has been taking place each September for nearly forty years. It is primarily a musical event but has other highlights as well. 
  • "Dialog" International Theatre Festival - October - One of the most important theatre festivals in Europe. Plays performed by actors and groups from various countries and cultures, in different languages. - http://dialogfestival.pl/en/
  • “One Actor Theater Performances  WROSTJA” – November - http://www.wrostja.art.pl/index.php?l=en
  • Wrocław Christmas Market - last few days of November to December 24th - Traditional Christmas fair in the Main Square area. Wooden stalls with craft goods, Christmas ornaments and traditional regional food. There are also stalls with mulled wine. Open from 10 am to 8 pm. 

Festvals in other cities of Lower Silesia

  • “Castle Party” - Gothic Music Festival - Bolków - July – famous international festival, a must for those who love gothic sounds
  • The Summer Guitar Workshop KRZYŻOWA 2013 - Krzyżowa (near Świdnica) - July/August -  The event comprises individual lessons as well as group workshops in the scope of the classical guitar, jazz guitar, flamenco guitar and fingerstyle - http://www.gitara.krzyzowa.pl


Prague Calendar of Festivals and Events 2014



  • Jan Palach's Death Anniversary - mid-January, remembering the life of Jan Palach, a Czech student who ended his life as perhaps the ultimate protest again Soviet invasions, who is now regarded as nothing short of a national hero. This is also a day to remember loved ones and many locals in Prague visit cemeteries on Wenceslas Square, where there is a prominent Memorial to Victims of Communism
  • Days of European Film - late January to early February, this popular film festival showcases around 30 different European films in the most central cinemas and attracts many of the stars, directors and producers. Also at this time of the year, the Marathon of European Films takes place, where films are shown all weekend, day and night



  • Matthew Fair - late February to early April, fairground rides, market stalls and a host of entertainment, at the Exhibition Ground in Petrin Park



  • One World Film Festival - early March, a noteworthy human rights event in Prague, which is run by the People in Need Foundation and always well supported
  • FebioFest - late March, an established film festival which takes place at Prague's popular Blanik cinema, which is located on Wenceslas Square. Expect to see everything from locally made Czech documentaries to Hollywood blockbusters



  • Witches' Night (Paleni Cardojenic) - late April, marking the very start of spring, Witches' Night takes place on April 30th and has a strong resemblance to Halloween. Many models of witches are burnt on large bonfires and this usually draws large crowds



  • Folk and Country Festival - early May, with music for everyone, the Folk and Country Festival is held at the Lochotin Amphitheatre at Pilsen, close to Prague
  • Prague Spring International Music Festival - mid-May to early June, this is a major event and features classical music at its absolute best, attracting many exceptional orchestras from far and wide
  • Czech Folklore Festival - late May to early August, a chance to experience real life Moravian, Bohemian and also Slovakian dancing and singing, with regular performances around the Marianske Namesti
  • Prague International Marathon - mid-May, crowds of athletes and spectators gather for this long road race, which starts and ends at the Old Town Square and passes many of Prague's best sights along the way
  • World Roma Festival Khamoro - late May to early June, a five-day event, where you can expect to see traditional gypsy music and dancing, along with film screenings, theatrical performances and various art-related exhibitions



  • Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - late June to early July, lasting two weeks and featuring an array of international movies. Some of the biggest films even attract the stars and directors, so expect some tickets to be scarce, and a little pricey. Held in the New Town, meaning that accommodation here and around the Karlovy Vary in particular will be hard to come by
  • Dvorak's Nelahozeves - June to September, celebrating the life of the much-loved composer from the Czech Republic, Antonin Dvorak. Various classical music concerts take place around Nelahozeves, on the northerly outskirts of Prague, where Dvorak was actually born
  • Summer Shakespeare Festival - late June to early September, this really is an event not to be missed and always a crowd pleaser. Popular Shakespeare plays are held in the open air, with Prague Castle providing a particularly spectacular backdrop



  • Rock For People - early July, held just outside of Prague, Rock for People has grown into one of the largest music festivals in the whole of the Czech Republic, and is held in aid of charity
  • Summer Festivities of Early Music - July and August, a celebration of everything Baroque, with live music, dancing and entertainment, all in the spectacular surroundings of the city's very best palaces and most beautiful gardens
  • New Prague Dance Festival early July, many international dancers compete in a variety of different dance categories, which cover everything from ballet to Latino. The events take place at the Theatre Broadway, which is located alongside the Old Town Square
  • Prague Folklore Days - late-July / early-August, an established folk festival, with a range of costumed events which captures the spirit and essence of folk culture in the Czech Republic
  • Cesky Krumlov International Music Festival - lJuly and August, held close by and within the southerly town of Cesky Krumlov, this is a celebration of classical music to remember, with many outdoor concerts in the town's castle gardens
  • Cesky Krumlov Piano Festival - July and August, many of the country's very best pianists perform at this event, which is held in the nearby Masquerade Hall, within Cesky Krumlov



  • Verdi Festival - late August to early September, hosted at the State Opera House and lasting approximately two weeks, the Verdi Festival features a range of concerts, which are always well supported



  • Mozartiana Luventus - mid-September, a range of chamber music takes place at the Villa Bertramka, with a definite Mozart theme
  • Prague Autumn Festival - mid-September to early October, some of the city's best orchestras gather for this two-week classical music extravaganza
  • St. Wenceslas Sacred Music Festival - late September, a celebration of St. Wenceslas, the patron saint of the Czech Republic. Highlights will include a range of music and other festivities at the city's endless selection of churches



  • Great Pardubice Steeplechase - mid-October, a historic horse race held on the second Thursday each October, dating back as far as 1874
  • International Jazz Festival - late October / early November, a date for your diary, the Prague International Jazz Festival features a variety of live music, ranging from informal groups, to big bands and jazz soloists from around the world
  • Day of the Republic - October 28th, the official founding of the Czech Republic in 1918 and a national holiday



  • Czech Press Photo - November to January, a huge collection of award-winning photographs are displayed at this free exhibition, many of which depict some powerful scenes from Prague's rich history
  • MADI Travel Market - mid-November, a travel and tourism fair which attracts experienced exhibitors and travel agents from all over Europe, and includes a range of displays, discussions and presentations
  • Christmas Market - late November to early January, the start of the seasonal festivities in Prague. The Christmas Market is held on the spacious Wenceslas Square in the New Town area, and features a chance to purchase some unusual Czech handicraft and stocking fillers
  • FAMUFest - mid-November, students on the Prague Film Academy showcase their works over a period of four days at central venues around the Old Town
  • Festival Alternativa - late November to mid-December, an alternative festival, with all kinds of international music, many screenings of modern films, and a range of other live entertainment, run by the Unijazz Association and the city itself



  • Bohuslav Martinu Festival - throughout December, music lovers visiting Prague during December should not miss this event, which celebrates the life and music of the famous Czech composer and musician, Bohuslav Martinu

Speak to the owners of the hotel and they can advise you on the regional events happening when you stay. They can also arrange transport and local guides.

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