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The perfect room for your private party

The perfect room for your private party

hotel lobbyThe Green Oval Hotel is the perfect what the occasion. Away from the city you can enjoy the amazing setting both inside and out. Our special function room is the perfect place for prive events of up to 40 people. You can also you the lobby and the have exclusive use of the amzing tavern. 

People have held their events at the Green Oval hotel from all over the world - United Kingdom - Germany - Holland - Czech Republic - America and even Australia. Come and let us entertain you.

The catering at the hotel is a mix of traditional cuisine and medditerranean - the blend being due the extensive travels by the owners. The local dishes are also a mix of central and southern Europe because many of the inhabitants of the surrounding villages and towns are descendants of repatriated from Volhynia, Yugoslavia and also refugees from Greece.

We use authentic recipes. Fresh meat, game and fish from local farms are prepared with the utmost care. Vegetables and salads are all sourced locally and daily. The baked goods and desserts are second to none. The hotel also also serves local cheeses and meats-farm product, organic vegetables and milk.

In the morning you'll be waking up to the fragrant smell bread fresh from the oven and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. A hearty and delicious breakfast will provide a pleasant start to the day.