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From white water rivers to mountain lakes

Beautiful mountain ranges, snowy winters and long hot summers make Poland a great place for hiking

Kayaks & raftingIn the upper reaches of the western part of Kwisa separates the High Spine and Spine Kamienickiego . Below Krobicy affects the Pogorze Izerskie, dividing them into two parts. For Nowogrodziec affects the Silesian Lowland , and in the final race passes through the Lower Silesian Forests .
In the area of the catchment area of the Iizera Mountains mountain above Mirska is 126km2 , picking up left-bank tributaries : Siniec, Wodopój, Czerwony Potok, Pluskotnik, Mokrzyca, Świeradówka, Czarny Potok and right-bank Struga , plok , Falcon , Bystrzyk , Krobicki stream, bowls , Mrożynka .
Because the river is characterized by a high variability of water levels and significant differences in flows at the beginning of the twentieth century was built on the two barrier lakes : Złotnickie and Lesniańskie . Were rooted in the landscape and excellent are picturesque tourist attraction throughout the year attracting crowds. It is worth mentioning that the Lake Leśniańskie is Czocha castle .

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