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The Kwisa River in South West Poland

Kwisa River is one of the cleanest rivers in Poland. There are organized trips for kayaking and rafting - the river is also good for amateur fishing by anglers.

Kwisa RiverIn the upper reaches of the western part of Kwisa separates the High Spine and Spine Kamienickiego . Below Krobicy affects the Pogorze Izerskie, dividing them into two parts. For Nowogrodziec affects the Silesian Lowland , and in the final race passes through the Lower Silesian Forests. In the area of the catchment area of the Jizera Mountains mountain above Mirska is 126km2 , picking up left-bank tributaries : Siniec, Wodopój, Czerwony Potok, Pluskotnik, Mokrzyca, Świeradówka, Czarny Potok and right-bank Struga , plok , Falcon , Bystrzyk , Krobicki stream and Mrożynka.

Because the river is characterized by a high variability of water levels and significant differences in flows at the beginning of the twentieth century was built on the two barrier lakes : Złotnickie and Lesnianskie . Were rooted in the landscape and excellent are picturesque tourist attraction throughout the year attracting crowds. It is worth mentioning that the Lake Leśniańskie is Czocha castle .

Kwisa already in the early Middle Ages was a place of exploration and production of gold. The main areas of production were around Świeradow Zdroj, Rozdroza Izerskiego and valleys of the Czerwony Potok. Later valley Kwisa penetrated Walloons and other treasure seekers. From the mid-thirteenth to the end of the eighteenth century . Kwisa was the border between Silesia and Lusatia Gorne . Linked to this team castles, lying on the Izery Mountains called “ kwiski key .”

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