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Visit some of other our stunning local hotels

Visit some of other our stunning local hotels - Wiechlice Palace - Brunow Palace - The Blue Beetroot - Pod Lipami

Wiechlice Palace 
This amazing palace ombines historic charm with modern, eco-luxury, who will accompany you during your vacation, stay at the health spa or at the conference. combined classical elegance with modern amenities, the Palace Wiechlice becomes a haven for those looking for leisure travelers and business people. The traditional Polish hospitality distinguishes us from other objects in Poland.

The Blue Beetroot
legend has it that in Poland around 1791 the fields of Lower Silesia near Boleslawiec were all planted with beetroots. One of the most popular uses for the beetroot was moonshine! The alcohol was secretly brewed in the cellars of the barn (today it only contains fire wood to keep our Boutique B&B hotel guests extra warm).

Brunow Palace
A beautifully restored palace on the outskirts of Lwowek Slaski. The earliest records of the court Brunów are from as early as the fifteenth century. Historians believe it was a defensive structure similar to the shape of residential towers in the area. The Manor at that time belonged to a well-known and wealthy Silesian family of Zedlitz. 

Pod Lipami
Agrotourism “Pod Lipami "is situated in a picturesque area of Mojesz, a village located in immediate vicinity of the Lwówek Slaski, Poland.