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Rivers and lakes in South West Poland

Discover the beautiful Rivers and lakes in South West Poland - Lower Silesia

Each spring, on the River Kamienna between Szklarska Poręba and Piechowice, one can see daredevils who fight the elements of nature.

This mountain river carrier water from melting snow covering the Western Karkonosze and the Izerskie Mountains. The turn of April and May is the best time for canoeing along one of the most difficult mountain river sections in Poland. Then it is worth going to the River Bóbr. From Wleń, the river again has a mountain character.

The River Kwisa, along which one can canoe far to Mirsk, still hides some mysteries. Tourists can also make use of large holding reservoirs, the largest of which is Pilchowickie Lake, originating in the River Bóbr outflow from the Jeleniogórska Valley.   Many swimming places and recreation centres can also be found by the Leśniańskie and Złotnickie lakes situated in the Izerskie Foothills, as little as a 30-40 minute car drive from the Karkonosze Mountains. Spectacular place is Modre Lake with the dam.

There are many rivers and lakes a short journey from the hotel - we can arrange hiking, mountain biking, swimming, kayaking and off road Land Rover Defender trips for you.

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