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Visit Staniszów Palace which dates back to XVIII century

Staniszów Palace lies a few kilometres to the southeast of Jelenia Góra

Staniszow PalaceThe castle lies a few kilometres to the southeast of Jelenia Góra, in the Bóbr River Valley, within an extensive landscape park. 

Wojanów on the Bóbr is among the oldest Sudeten villages whose first mention dates back to 1281. The Palace which we can see today is the result of determined reconstruction efforts. On 11 May 2002, a fire of undetermined origin engulfed the historic building in flames. The roof was incinerated, the corner tower suffered severely while the ceiling was partially burned. After the blaze the palace acquired a new owner and was again restored. 

Approaching Wojanów from the south, you see the beautiful and expansive landscape park, thorough which flows the Bóbr River. Currently it is part of the park-palace complex of the Karpnicki and Mysłakowice Lands.

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