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Traditional Polish dishes

Discover a world of flavour at the Green Oval Restaurant

restaurantPoland is a European country with a trying history spanning over more than 1000 years. In theory, it is possible to go back to the distant times of the first princes and Kings of Poland, and look at the Polish state in the Middle Ages, and have a general image of the early culinary customs Polish food traditions, because they have partly survived throughout the centuries. Some aspects present in the modern Polish cuisine are still the same. A willingness to keep with the tradition has always been present. However, a notable part of the traditional Polish food culture transformed itself during the course of time. With the development of trade, various Polish foods and products naturally fused with one another, inspired themselves from neighboring nations, or according to the traditions of ethnic groups. We know far more details about the history of Polish food in the next ages after medieval. The first survived Polish recipes cookbook dates back to 1682, a year when Philadelphia is founded, de La Salle claims the region of Mississippi River as La Louisiane (today Louisiana) and Halley makes the first observation of a body today known as the Halley's comet. Contemporary Polish state, called Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was a multiethnic country. And Polish food was affected by strong Lithuanian and Tartar-Turkish influences. This fact exerted an additional positive effect on a wealth of tastes and a composition of the national menu. Polish food culture, as we know it today, has formed. Admittedly, over three hundred years later we can assess it empirically, and with a pleasure :) Nowadays, some courses and meals that are a base of modern and traditional Polish cuisine, are common for the West Slavonic and Central-European nations. E.g. various national kinds of beetroot borscht or dumplings are well-known not only in Poland, but also in Czech Republic, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine. On the other hand one of the most popular, simple and not time consuming Polish food – kotlet schabowy – is completely similar to a schnitzel known very well in Austria and Germany.

Quite simply we source the finest local ingredients every day and make dishes suited to every palette. Sit back and let us cater for you.

The catering at the hotel is a mix of traditional cuisine and medditerranean - the blend being due the extensive travels by the owners. The local dishes are also a mix of central and southern Europe because many of the inhabitants of the surrounding villages and towns are descendants of repatriated from Volhynia, Yugoslavia and also refugees from Greece.

We use authentic recipes. Fresh meat, game and fish from local farms are prepared with the utmost care. Vegetables and salads are all sourced locally and daily. The baked goods and desserts are second to none. The hotel also also serves local cheeses and meats-farm product, organic vegetables and milk.

In the morning you'll be waking up to the fragrant smell bread fresh from the oven and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. A hearty and delicious breakfast will provide a pleasant start to the day.

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